My fees for your wedding in Norfolk range from £400 to £450 depending on location of venue. Other venues outside  Norfolk are subject to extra travel time & fuel costs so please let me know where your venue is. I will then be able to give you a fair and accurate quote.

For events other than weddings please contact me for a quote. As a guide, evening events (e.g. Annual dinners, Masonic Ladies Festivals etc.) start at £250.

A booking fee of £100 is payable at the time of booking and is non-returnable subject to terms and conditions (see below). All fees are subject to confirmation and dependent on distance to venue. 

Included in the fee is a preliminary meeting as soon as possible after your booking is confirmed so that I can advise you in your initial planning. We will also arrange to meet within a month of the event  to discuss final details. Once a booking has been confirmed, I am available 24/7 via email or ‘phone to advise and offer you the benefit of my experience in planning your day.

Duties, fees, terms & conditions, data protection

Here is a summary of my duties and fees for weddings. For other functions please contact me to discuss your requirements. There are many details that may arise on the day that I will take care of, and please remember that  I am available 24/7 to help you with every aspect of planning your day – especially timings.

The wedding ceremony  (When held at church)

  • Meet and greet guests
  • After the ceremony, assist the photographer as required

It may not be necessary for me to attend the church if you have ushers who can welcome guests and assist the photographer. This gives me time to arrive at the wedding breakfast venue well ahead of your arrival to check all is ready and liaise with the venue coordinator. We can discuss this at our preliminary planning meeting.

The wedding ceremony (When held in same location as wedding breakfast)

  • Liaise with the management and ensure all is prepared.
  • Arrange for Bridegroom to meet the Registrar’s
  • Greet guests and ensure they are seated before the Bride’s arrival
  • Announce Bridal party into the ceremony
  • At the conclusion of the ceremony, inform guests of location for drinks reception and photographs. It will then be my honour to introduce the very new Mr & Mrs …..

The wedding breakfast

  • Liaise with the management, caterers and musicians to ensure all is prepared.
  • I will greet Bride & Bridegroom and guests and guide them to the drinks reception.
  • I will assist the photographer by calling guests for group photographs.
  • Arrange the receiving line – to greet guests as they enter the wedding breakfast.
  • Announce the entrance of the Bride & Bridegroom
  • Say Grace or announcing chosen guest to do so
  • Introduce each principal guest who is to make a speech and toast
  • Ensure gifts for parents, bridesmaids, best man etc. are to hand
  • Announce the cutting of the wedding cake
  • Stay within the call of the bridal party and ensure all is running smoothly
  • If there is a guest book I will remind guests to sign it
  • At the conclusion of the wedding breakfast I will formally close proceedings and inform guests of further celebrations
  • I will also, when appropriate, keep your guests entertained with my many ‘one liners’ (or dad jokes as some call them!) and my self working card tricks. I also keep my ‘magic colouring book’ to hand which will bemuse the children – and sometimes the adults as well!

The evening celebration

  • Greet evening guests.
  • Gather the guests and announce the cutting of the cake (if it has not been done earlier)
  • Announce the throwing of the Bride’s bouquet to single ladies.
  • Announce the Bride & Bridegroom’s first dance together as husband and wife.

Terms & conditions

i         Bob Lloyd will perform the duties of professional toastmaster / master of ceremonies at the agreed time and location, for the agreed fee.

ii        Engagements are accepted in good faith, based on the information provided by the client, and are deemed accepted only when the booking form has been received, the booking fee paid and acknowledged in writing (including email).

iii       The booking fee is non-returnable *(except v below)

iv       The balance of the agreed fee is to be paid by the client no less than two weeks before the event unless prior arrangements have been agreed.

v        If unable to fulfil his duties owing to sickness or personal circumstances, Bob will endeavour to provide a suitable professional substitute for the agreed fee and at no extra cost to the client. If he is unable to do this, any payments made by the client will be fully refunded *(including booking fee)

vi       The right is reserved to increase the fee due to the client altering the instructions of the engagement once the booking has been accepted.  e.g. time of event extended or change of venue.

vii      If the full fee has been paid, but the booking is cancelled for any reason three calendar months prior to the event, the fee *(less booking fee) will be refunded.

viii     If the booking is cancelled for any reason less than three calendar months before the event, the client shall be liable to pay the full fee.

ix       If the event is postponed until a future date the agreed fee is valid for six months after which an additional fee may be required.

x        For bookings in excess of 6 hours a 30 minute meal break will be taken at an appropriate time. Provision of a main course meal would be appreciated but not essential.


The terms for cancellation due to forced local or national Government lockdown or Covid restrictions supersede points i to x and are as follows:


Should you wish to postpone your wedding / event I am happy to re-book  at no additional cost subject to my availability.


If you choose to cancel your wedding or event yourself the booking fee is non-refundable. Please put in writing if you wish to cancel. However, if you are forced to cancel your wedding due to a government coronavirus or any other lockdown I will refund 50% of your booking fee, retaining 50% for administration and costs incurred. If you have paid additional monies on top of the booking fee, I will refund 75% of any payments made, retaining 25% for administration and costs incurred. Given the unprecedented times I hope this is seen to be reasonable and fair.

As a member of the Association of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters I have Public Liability Insurance for £5 million. If you are unhappy with the services I provide please contact me or the Association secretary.

 AUKSPT Secretary: Oscar Brown

07538 556162


Personal Data

General Data Protection Regulations changed on 25th May 2018. By contacting me you are giving me permission to hold your personal data and contact you with regard to your enquiry. If a booking results from your enquiry I will hold your personal data in order to contact you and fulfil my contractual obligations to you as a client with regard to matters relating to the role for which you have engaged me. If you decide not to book my services your details will be deleted as soon as I have been made aware that you do not require my services.

Toastmaster Bob Lloyd

A fuller explanation of the GDPR is below.

The new Data Protection Legislation came in to force in the UK on 25th May 2018. 

This legislation affecst every business that handles personal data for clients or staff.

The personal data I collect about you will include data relating to your name, address and wider contact details and data relating to ‘contact information’. Thus by emailing or contacting us your personal details, you are agreeing to my use and storage of your information for your booking. Your data may also be used to manage future communications between us including information about other services, for example informing you of wedding shows.

You can opt out from receiving such communications services at any time by emailing me at bob@toastmasterbob.co.uk. I will only use your data for the purpose for which it was collected and it will not be shared with a third person.


This Notice is designed to help you understand what kind of information I collect in connection with my services and how I will process and use this information. In the course of providing you with my services I will collect and process information that is commonly known as personal data.

This Notice describes how I collect, use, share, retain and safeguard personal data.

This Notice sets out your individual rights; I explain these later in the Notice but in summary these rights include your right to know what data is held about you, how this data is processed and how you can place restrictions on the use of your data.


Personal data is information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person. Examples include an individual’s name, address, gender and contact details.

Personal data may contain information which is known as special categories of personal data.


In order for me to provide services for you, I will collect personal data about you. 

Where you disclose the personal data of others, you must ensure you are entitled to do so.

You may provide us with personal data when completing paper based forms and your email addresses.


Where I collect data directly from you, I arm considered to be the controller of that data i.e. I am the data controller. 

A data ‘controller’ means the individual or organisation which, alone or jointly with others, determines the purposes and means of the processing of personal data.

A data ‘processor’ means the individual or organisation which processes personal data on behalf of the controller.

If you object to the collection and use of your personal data I may be unable to provide you with my services.

I may decide to keep your records for up to 7 years, for tax purposes. I will determine whether the records will be kept.

For the purposes of meeting the Data Protection Act 2018 territorial scope requirements, the United Kingdom is identified as the named territory where the processing of personal data takes place.


I will use your personal data for contacting you and our records of your booking.


The retaining of data is necessary for the contact details only.

If you object to the use of, or you have any questions relating to the use of, your data, the retention of your personal data, please inform me.


Individuals are provided with legal rights governing the use of their personal data. These grant individuals the right to understand what personal data relating to them is held, for what purpose, how it is collected and used, with whom it is shared (not in this instance),where it is located, to object to its processing, to have the data corrected if inaccurate, to take copies of the data and to place restrictions on its processing.  Individuals can also request the deletion of their personal data.

These rights are known as Individual Rights under the Data Protection Act 2018. The following list details these rights:

–       The right to be informed about the personal data being processed;

–       The right of access to your personal data;

–       The right to object to the processing of your personal data;

–       The right to restrict the processing of your personal data;

–       The right to rectification of your personal data;

–       The right to erasure of your personal data; 

–       The right to data portability (to receive an electronic copy of your personal data);

–       Rights relating to automated decision making including profiling.

Individuals can exercise their Individual Rights at any time. As mandated by law I will not charge a fee to process these requestsIn exercising your Individual Rights, you should understand that in some situations I may be unable to fully meet your request, for example if you make a request for us to delete all your personal data, we may be required to retain some data for taxation.

You should understand that when exercising your rights, a substantial public or vital interest may take precedence over any request you make. In addition, where these interests apply, I am required by law to grant access to this data for law enforcement, legal and/or health related matters.


I will take all appropriate technical and organisational steps to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and authenticity of your data.


If you have any questions regarding this Notice, the use of your data and your Individual Rights please contact me on 07872 114235 or email  at bob@toastmasterbob.co.uk

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